I fear this blog has turned into a ranting box, but meh.


Bent over to retrieve something I’d dropped, and my knee popped. It didn’t hurt. Within the next three days my knee had completely swollen, though the surface was smooth. It began aching the third day, when my mom had me to get into a warm salt bath. But why would it come on in this manner – suddenly? Did my bending provoke it? No previous joint aches beside my elbow, which was swollen six months prior to the incident, and would swell and recede – and I’d injured it a year or two earlier. And whilst I endure my arthritis flare-ups, I tend to get a faint – but sometimes very notable – rash on my nose and cheeks in the “butterfly” shape. And wasn’t the rheumatologist surprised when she placed her palm on my knee, and it was warm?

The shots aren’t working. It means…it means…I must have…Lupus. Early test results for Lupus are often negative – which, mine were. But so was my RA.

Let’s see:

  • malar rash – check
  • joint stiffness, swelling, pain – check
  • Raynaud’s phenomenon – check
  • psychological/neurological issues – check
  • hair loss – check
  • fatigue – check
  • easy bruising – check
  • photophobia – check
  • fever – check
  • mouths sores – check
  • chest pain and difficulty breathing – check
  • depression – check
  • chills – check
  • autoimmune disease – check
  • swollen glands/lymph nodes – check
  • trouble thinking – check
  • memory problems – check
  • vision problems – check
  • mania – check
  • paranoia – check
  • personality changes – check
  • bleeding gums – check
  • chest pain, worse when breathing in – check

among others.

A couple other distinctions:

  • whereas RA causes constant joint inflammation and pain, as well deformities, Lupus goes into remission and does not cause deformities.
  • far as I’ve seen, there aren’t any rashes specified in RA, and especially not concerning the malar (“butterfly”) rash.
  • muscle tenderness is more commonly associated with Lupus than RA.
  • RA doesn’t affect the nervous system.