Woke today in a better mood, and though the world tried to ruin it, I nearly finished my copyright file, downloaded work from the old and out-of-date Zip disk onto my laptop, wrote two poems (both of which require massive editing), and decided that, for the next three days, I will read and learn and NOT write.

Although NaPo’s over, I cull out one – two poems, every day. Figured it’s time for a break. Especially on reviewing my copyright file, which contains not-quite-all of my poetry. 71, 116 words. So far. Not including what I’ve done since NaPo, and all I’ve stashed into various random notebooks and boxes. (and the twenty poems on the computer in Vegas!) 

That’s not to say I like all I’ve written. Geez, no. Maybe 200. Maybe. Out of…600? Not sure. I’ve been writing poetry since I was five; those efforts are long gone.

Oh, before I forget: I found this awesome website by this awesome guy (poet), and figured I’d share it with anyone interested: cosmoetica.com. He’s tough, he’s mean, but also he’s hilarious and insightful and a thrill to read.